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Compost Turners And Windrow Composting Equipment

Northland Chipper Sales Ltd. is proud to represent the World's leading manufacturer of Compost Turners, BACKHUS North America Inc.

Please see their web site at www.backhus.us

BACKHUS expertise in composting is just a click away. We are happy to work with small farms and villages as well as large municipalities, consultants and engineering companies.

BACKHUS build some unique turners. Equipment that gives the composting operator more processing choices. For instance-

BACKHUS Lane Turner- This turner is driven from the centre, allowing the lane or tunnel to be enclosed with the turner power system on the outside of the tunnel while the turner is inside the tunnel. A simple, flexible seal down the centre of the roof of the tunnel maintains the integrity of the tunnel. BACKHUS Lane Turners may be fully automated.

Compost Equipment

BACKHUS Trapezoid turner- This high volume turner eliminates most of the space lost in a windrow composting operation. If you need to expand your windrow operation without increasing the size of your pad, fill in the gaps and turn with the BACKHUS 11.30 Trapezoid turner. Awesome compost equipment!

It goes without saying that if you can maximize the throughput for your composting building or pad, your operation will be more efficient. When static pile composting, the retention time can be reduced by turning with a BACKHUS 11.30 Trapezoid turner.

Compost Machine

BACKHUS Bridge turner- Composting with an automated Backhus bridge compost turner will reduce labour, increase space utilization and increase efficiency. It is a kick-ass compost machine that will turn heads.

BACKHUS Windrow Turners-

Compost Turners

Efficiency means more turning with less fuel. Efficiency means a compost machine producing high quality compost at the lowest cost.

BACKHUS build a compact compost turner for smaller operations such as on farm composting of dairy manure, horse manure, pig manure, chicken litter etc. Or for small municipalities, villages, resorts etc. where the volume is low.

Simple, safe, low maintenance systems can be developed for composting green waste, Source Separated Organics (SSO), biosolids (sewage sludge) etc. using Backhus worldwide experience.

If you are designing a new composting facility, upgrading an existing facility or looking for solutions, we would like to offer our expertise.

Composting Equipment

BACKHUS Windrow Turners can also be used as a simple, effective way to reduce biosolids to 80% or more solids. Whatever your needs for composting equipment, we can help. Just give us a call.

BACKHUS Dynamic Composting System DC50

It is easy to equip a large scale composting system, it just takes $$$$. Small safe systems are a much more difficult proposition. This is where a DC50 may fit. Phase 1 of the composting process is completely contained and automated within a shipping container sized vessel that can be equipped for "roll on, roll off" hauling. The DC50 is insulated (for Canadian winter use) and automated. It is easy to load and bear proof.

Ideal for processing relatively small volumes (up to 450 tons per year) it can be used to compost a wide variety of organic matter such as septage, biosolids, source separated organics, food waste, manure, digestate, green waste, etc.

For a more detailed description please go to http://www.backhus.us/293-0-Dynamic-Systems.html


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